Census of accommodation facilities

Main characteristics:

  • file containing the characteristics of each accommodation facility:
    • generic attributes;
    • information on the facility;
    • list of services;
    • georeferencing;
    • presentation template with contacts and links to the website;
  • search facility and joining of the event by accommodation facilities with availability;
  • definition of the availability of each associated facility based on the type of resource made available:
    • quantity of the selected type of facility;
    • treatment for this type (NB, BB, HB, FB);
    • conditions of occupation;


Managment of allocation

Occupation of the resources available, taking applicant's requests into account.
The allocation requests of the accredited body can be viewed on the system interface

Main characteristics:

  • system for searching the structures;
  • association of the search to the request of the accredited body;
  • management of bookings and confirmations;
  • confirmations;
  • communications relating to the booking and confirmation;


Management of arrivals and departures

The data that the user inputs when they register for the event are used to manage the arrivals and departures.

Main characteristics:

  • management of arrival and departure data (date, place);
  • planning of transfers;
  • online environment for confirmation of registration and reception of information on transfers.


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