Human Resources

Evaluation and training

The system can be used to managed competencies relating to human resources. The person in charge can assign areas of destination according to competencies.

Main characteristics:

  • data on and customisable entry of competencies;
  • areas of access assigned by means of categorisation;
  • advanced search based on the competencies profiled;

Computerised management of training and of refresher courses for groups.


Delivery of material and equipment

Once the category or sector is assigned, the material is traced by EventBuilder’s storage system. The data are shown in the person’s profile.

Main characteristics:

  • material delivered shown in the personal data;
  • details of the type of goods and their variables;
  • details of the delivery and redelivery of the goods;


After categorisation and reception of the availability (time and geographical) supplied by the person, shifts and distribution in the venues can be managed using the system.


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