Registration and accreditation

Data can be acquired in various ways:

  • manual data entry;
  • web forms;
  • data importation;


Access to the areas of responsibility is controlled by categorisation.

Validation of the request

The request can be validated automatically by the system or it can be accepted or rejected by the authorising work flow.
When the request is accepted, the system automatically sends the member an email containing credentials that allow access to a reserved area. The email contains general information and profiled information if relevant.


Online payment

A company registers for a competition online on a web page dedicated to credit card payments.


Accreditation badge

The card shows personal data and the permitted areas of access for the event.

Main characteristics:

    • personalised graphics based on the requests and corporate identity of the company;
    • printed media on various materials:
      • PVC-laminated paper
      • PVC Card in ISO format (85.5 x 54 x 0.76mm);
      • light PVC bracelets;
    • printed media with technologies for access control or additional services:
      • barcodes;
      • Rfid;
      • personal codes for Wi-Fi access;


Invitations and confirmations

A guest list can be created in order to pre-register and pre-accredit certain categories (journalists, VIPs, special guests, etc.). Confirmation is given on a dedicated web page.


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